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How to deal with pigment spots

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Every woman dreams of a beautiful and gentle face. But sometimes there are some unwanted spots on the face, socalled pigmentation. This phenomenon is not only spoils the skin, but also entails some psychological problems. From the very beginning it is necessary to know the cause of their appearance on the face. There are many variations of their appearance. In the case where the sun's rays are the cause, it is necessary to wear a hat to avoid direct sunlight on your face. A takzhe use cosmetics with a content of UV filters. Sometimes these spots appear in pregnant women, sometimes in the spring, when the body lacks vitamins. Necessary to use a sufficient number of A, B, C.

One of the most popular creams is "Ahromin", produced by the Bulgarian company. They ares an brightening effect, eliminates dark spots. It also protects against UV radiation and even helps get rid of freckles. It is desirable to use twice a day. The cream is composed of biological substances, which are derived from excess melanin cells.

This cream as "Vichy" are also excellent spravlyaetsI have this problem. Apply morning and evening. After several applications at once see the result, the skin becomes smooth and gentle. After 7 days spots decreased significantly. This cream has no side effects. A full course of getting rid of pigmentation consists of 8 weeks. He fully cope with this problem.

"Skinoren "- a cream that not only removes spots, as well as acne, fungal and bacterial skin lesions. The main active element of this cream - azelaic acid. It actively removes pigments from epithelial tissue. Apply twice a day, but may cause irritation (when necessary to reduce the frequency to one-quarterOn times).

this cream trusted by thousands of people, pharmacies, salons, doctors. Without hesitation to buy, use and keep your image at 100%. Good luck.

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