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How to extend the medical record

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Life and health - is one of the main tasks and priorities of any gosudarsTwa. Naturally, this is the main task of the health care system, but also any person required to monitor their health and the health of others. In particular, for this purpose there is a system of preventive medical examinations at the enterprises, which is designed to monitor and time to identify health problems of workers. Although it is in principle obligatoryE acts, most employers turn a blind eye to this question. Nevertheless, there is a category of professions that require mandatory annual survey with record keeping in personal medical books. To those include educational, medical, military and other institutions.

PassedFirst inspection and filled book - a guarantee of admission to work, as in this case, the employee is responsible not only for their own health, but also for the health of others (especially children's educational institutions - schools, kindergartens).

Every year a procedure for the so-called extension of medical books, that is,confirm the absence of actual health problems and access to work. For example, in Chelyabinsk possible here:

Ways of extending medical books:

- to pass a medical examination and to put all the necessary marks in the state clinic;
- undergo medical examinationand obtain the opinion of a medical specialist in a private institution.

In the first case, you will probably have to deal with long queues and bureaucratic, and sometimes altogether corruption schemes, while losing a lot of time, money and nerves. The second case is more preferable, because everything is done PtsYan quickly, without queues and applies a transparent system of payment.

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