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Ophthalmology Clinic "Novi zir"

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view - this is one of the most important in life chelovESA skills by which we get to 80 ... 90%. Of course the fact that under such a load on one system senses never know she may refuse to some form and scale. Set each person - a responsible attitude towards their health and be able to respond to the slightest changes or signs, and the job of ophthalmologists- Qualitatively carry out all the necessary procedures to quickly and accurately restore impaired ability. That is the task set themselves experts of one of the largest in the country ophthalmologic centers -. "This is one of those places in our country, where advanced technology is available to all their patients. This is a huge correspondststvennost, because at stake - the human eye, and everything new requires some adaptation.

Specialists clinics and "New zir" are the best of the best in their field, constantly improving their skills, which ultimately affects the quality of service to its customers. On account of the center including several doctorstens of thousands of successful operations and restoration of function of view. From the perspective of many years of experience in the implementation of modern technologies, have developed a collective center has its own training school, which is doing everything in order to minimize the risks of surgery.

In the center "Novi zir" ocuschestvlyayut following activities:

- full diagnostics;
- vision correction based on different methods beznozhevyh;
- treatment of various eye diseases, including cataracts, farsightedness, nearsightedness, glaucoma, astigmatism;
- the production of glasses and contact lenses.

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