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Variety of rehabilitation equipment

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Rehabilitation and Recovery - this treatment, etc.and which involves a whole system of psychological, medical,   and educational activities that are intended to compensate for the limited capacity of life or their removal, which is caused by a violation of human health. - A specially designed complex medical devices in the form of a huge number of disability techniques, Rehabilitation equipment for medical rehabilitation centers for trauma care. Such equipment is a must for people who have disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The set of invalid and rehabilitation equipment created to man lunge out of the ordinary process and had a free life. Thereexists a huge amount of disability techniques, as well as rehabilitation equipment.

In today's world, everything is very well developed and now have the opportunity to actively those people who did not know and did not think they could do a lot.

If a person has problems with his legs, then the qualitystve thirds support uses a cane. If problems with the spine, walking will not be enough. In such cases, use crutches or a walker, support.

Crutches and canes - a device for walk for people who are partially lost the ability to travel. They will help move and indoors, as well as Mr.and street facilitate strain on the body and expand its coverage area without spending a lot of effort.

Simulator for the walk - a support, which is a strong support for the man who can not stand on its own and drive. With the help of a walker patient support itself hands, which increases the degreeHb self-control, balance while walking.

The range of application of the wheelchair is very wide. They are mechanical, electrical engines, carriages for the street, for fat people, wheelchairs active, with sanitary equipment and many other species. Skilled nursing care at home and in the hospital providesspecial products and equipment for the care of bedridden and allow you to perform all the necessary manipulations and procedures.

lifts for the disabled are helping to move the patient from the operating table on a trolley, bed, help with the change of linen, sanitary obrobki, during medical procedures. There are lifts from the hardof the blades, which in turn are fed by the patient and lifts with soft ribbons that are flexible. There are many types of lifts for its intended purpose.

bedsore systems are used for patients with injuries of the musculoskeletal system and the central nervous system, forced prolonged immobility posture. This mattress hour massages the body maintaining the blood circulation in the tissues. Apart from these there are many other tools developed medical devices.

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