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What is a pedicure

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Modern man is quite strongly dependent on such a thing as public opinion, which, including the headISITO the style and image. This is basically a complex concept in which an important role is played not only traditional shoes, clothes and makeup unsurpassed. This means that due attention should be paid to each, even the smallest detail, as it is, it can completely ruin a beautiful picture overall.

ODNthem of these things can definitely be considered a good pedicure. After uniquely female legs are one of the most sought-after parts of the body and if all their idealism, fingers and nails are in the form of improper frankly, it can completely lubricate the whole picture. Today, virtually any beauty salon provides its customers with a service pedikyura formed in a different manner.

In modern conditions the increasing popularity begins to enjoy the so-called, that is a cosmetic procedure performed by a specialized medical unit. Prototype hardware pedicure can be considered cosmetic removal of corns and natoptyshey, first practiced in Germany. Apparatus for pedicure has several tips that best perform the operations required, based on the conditions and requirements of the client. Modern pedicure using hardware held approximately as follows:

  • n and disinfectionanesenie mitigating gels in place of manipulation;
  • cuticle treatment in two parts;
  • treatment of nail plates;
  • treatment of the skin of the foot;
  • application of nutrients, protective oils.
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