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Prostatitis: Symptoms and Treatment

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The life of man, in spite of all his intellectual, mental and technical superiority, still obeys the basicinstincts. One of them, perhaps the fundamental, is the instinct of procreation, which promotes the multiplication of civilization. On their sexual power, sexual health is based self-esteem of any man. That is why any deviation, the diseases that endanger this side of humanity, male essence seriously undermine not onlyobscheevolyutsionny to process, but also the strength of family ties, which, though it may not be imposed on the public, are such precisely because of regular sexual life.

One of the diseases that can seriously affect the health of men is prostatitis - an inflammation of the prostate gland. And without TimelinessTERM treatment, the disease becomes chronic, and this is a direct threat as the ability to live a normal sex life and the risk of mental disorders.

One of the most popular tools for combating this disease is. Do not underestimate the tool or to judge him, supposedly ason Chinese goods. It is an ancient nation, concealing a lot of knowledge and secrets about the depth of the human soul, the structure of the organism and its alternative treatment. The whole philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine is based on acupressure on the body and the effect of the patch is as follows. Its application to make the navel, in fact it corresponds to the Chinese worldviewsible for sexual health.

Symptoms of prostatitis:

  • sexual dysfunction (weak erection, pain along the urethra, loss of orgasm, premature ejaculation, pain in the rectum during ejaculation, and others.);
  • increased nervousness and anxiety that conditionality fixing attention on the patient's own health status;
  • disorders of the urinary system (painful and frequent urination, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder), pain in the abdomen.
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