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What is a chair pear

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In every house there is a certain amount of furniture and related accessories, each of which performs its Deptionary function. Similarly, all the furniture has a distinct zonation, ie, there are groups of furniture for kitchen, bedroom, living room, hallway, etc. One of the most interesting types of furniture today is the so-called frameless furniture, which is a fabric cover special form of cut, within which triesoditsya different stiffness filler. One of the most popular types of frameless furniture is a so-called bag chair, or rather its kind - an armchair pear. The name of this type of furniture was thanks to the distinctive cut of the outer cover, visually reminiscent of pears.

The advantages Armchairsand pears can be attributed, special comfort and convenience, the lack of solid structural elements, the ability to change itself spatial configuration. But really valuable in this kind of furniture is that it easily and ekstrapodgotovki can do yourself. It is little if not the most important advantage, since it is the pricefundamental factor when choosing any product, but under current conditions it is catastrophically high and sometimes unattainable for the average citizen.

To make this chair does not require the skills and equipment that are essential in the production of traditional wooden furniture. In addition, circuitss and patterns for covers can be easily and in large numbers to find on the Internet. Similarly, on the Internet you can find detailed and phased scheme works, appropriate recommendations to help avoid common defects or errors in the design. So, in order to make yourself a seat, you must first acquirevivo Recording the minimum necessary tools and materials:

- a tool for tailoring (scissors, thread, sewing machine);
- a tool for the preparation of the pattern (pencil, paper, compass, ruler, etc.);
- a set of materials (fabric, buckles, filling).

Materials should pay speciale attention because of their quality will depend on the durability and usability of the whole structure. The whole process of sewing chair pear consists of three main steps:

- the preparation of patterns on paper;
- transfer circuit patterns onto the fabric;
- the actual sewing pattern produced in the process elements;
-filling the inner cover backfill.

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