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What should be in the medicine cabinet

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First Aid Kit - a much needed tool that should be in every home, office, mung beanINE, bag. This is known as a box or bag with the right, the most essential medicines. Also, it should be in a case with rigid walls, so as not to damage the glass bottle. Necessarily on it needs to be drawn red cross, so that everyone knows what it is and where it stands. By the way, you can at any pharmacy. The most important thing of what shouldabout being in it is:

1. Gauze - for use in dressings and stop the blood.
2. Gloves - for their own health.
3. Potassium permanganate - for the treatment of wounds, damaged surfaces, and they can be washed with stomach poisoning.
4. Gauze bandages and elastic - you need to fix, etc.and sprains, fractures, dislocations.
5.Nashatyrny alcohol - very good help for fainting.
6. Activated carbon - helps in cases of poisoning.
7. Rehydration solution at -   used under heavy fluid loss.
8. Analgesics - Panadol, analgin, aspirin.
9. Harness – is used to stoparterial bleeding.
10.   Tweezers - need when removing surface splinters, ticks, or something else.

This is the most necessary things that should be in the medicine cabinet at different current situation. It is necessary that the whole list of these drugs present without fail. The structure of an individualchutes may also include such drugs:

- means for disinfection;
- a guide for first aid;
- protivoshokovym sets (shock occurs in response to the violation of the irritability of the nervous system);
- stimulants (stimulate physical activity of the body, quickly removefatigue, lethargy and increase efficiency). &Nbsp;

Who does not already have such a thing should immediately purchase, because having a first aid kit is much quieter and safer.

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