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Top 5 causes of gastrointestinal diseases

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World statistics leads dismal results: 50-60% of the adult population of the Earth suffer from ZabolEvan gastrointestinal tract (GIT). In major cities, these data are more alarming: 95% of the adult population, for whatever reasons, are suffering from diseases of the digestive system. What are the reasons for such a cause mass disease? &Nbsp;

  1. The loss of food culture. Unbalanced, not regular intakefood intake of harmful and dangerous products, alcohol, overeating at night.
  2. Various infections, including sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. Physical inactivity, low physical activity.
  4. The overall environmental situation on the planet Earth in the places where people live.
  5. Living in constant nervous tension, stress.

Walking on the list of reasons, each person can decide for himself, he remains a prisoner of these reasons or to escape from them and build your life in such a way as to prevent or minimize the causes painful. First of all we must restore a culture of its own power: compavit list of acceptable foods to include in your work schedule regular meals, as a compulsory element, (if you do not want to deal with this issue to the doctors).

On the prevention of infectious diseases, seemingly everyone knows from birth. But to know and to do – different actions! Wash hands before eatingand after using the toilet – truism, but it forgets about 30 to 70% of the population !!!  

If you can go a couple of stops on foot, this should be done. Even after work. In day to dig at their summer cottage or a game of football or volleyball with your child – does not take much timeno, but gives a lot of strength, vigor, positive.

Work on the elimination of environmental causes seem inaccessible. But it only seems. After all, you just do not throw garbage on the side of the road from the car window, leave the forest glade after a picnic in the original form, which is so admired company before CelebratingIca. And the world has become cleaner. &Nbsp;

independently or with the help of experts to reduce the psychological tension will not work in the short term, « hygiene soul » - It's a long process, but work on this cause must be constantly, throughout life.

In the current paragraphsihoterapii allocate a separate direction - Psychosomatics, which studies the relationship of psychological factors and physical (bodily) human health. Very well presented information on   Psychosomatics   online For curious readers who are ready to change your lifestyle and improve health, flth site is available provides information on specific diseases and psychological reasons that caused them. The sooner people look inside yourself, the more likely he live a long healthy life.

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