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How should I prepare for surgery

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Today, even look and feel healthy peopleand, turning to surgeons for help. Some cosmetic procedures with a view, and someone in order to reduce the risks of diseases, in particular cancer. Therefore it is not rare and breast surgery after a mastectomy for those who dare to resist cancer. And it does not hurt to good people. Yet, no matter how skilled are not doctors, we allare not insured against accidents and unforeseen complications.

Transactions today has become a matter of habit and routine. But common sense still causes fear scalpel. That would increase the chances of the best outcome of the operation, the patient himself should know how to behave before it began. Preparation beginsed not in the House, and a few weeks if the date scheduled in advance. The first step is to reduce the risk of infections. To do this, be sure to pay a visit to the dentist. After all, if there are cavities, tartar, gingivitis mouth becomes the main source of infection. Then cleanliness must be maintained daily striptions mouth herbs or soda and brine. During and after surgery your body will have to digest large amounts of drugs. And, of course, influenced by the most susceptible to the liver and kidneys.

Preventive course necessary to carry out as soon as possible. Experts advise herbal preparations: CARSessentiale, hofitol if they have no contraindications. Also during this period should take care about nutrition. Limit itself to the use of alcohol, fatty foods and carbonated drinks with dyes. It is best to replace the sunflower oil in the olive oil or flaxseed, and pork and lamb – poultry. Postoperative period depends entirely ont on your immune system. So do not interfere with the course of vitamins and minerals. Should keep health, do not go out in extreme cold, to limit the visiting public places. So is it normalizes and psychological state – excessive stress, anxiety negatively affect immunity and directly by the operations due to stimulation simpatichesCoy system, tachycardia, increased pressure. It is for these reasons that doctors always say that the mood – the main guarantee of success of the operation.

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