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Treatment of vascular dystonia (VVD)

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dystonia - is the result of a violation of the nervous system whichI am responsible for many organs in the body. Most main causes:

1. Lowered immunity;
2. Back problems;
3. Physical activity;
4. Stress overload.

At this point, most of the viral infections that trigger the development of this condition, it is Epstein-Barr virus, herpes (type 2) andothers. To determine the disease makes diagnosis, allowing the virus to reactivate, and prescribe the necessary drugs. By moving the spine, nerve fibers are damaged, resulting in disruption of the nervous system. If the time to go to a doctor and he diagnosed correctly indicates, ascribe the necessary treatment, the pain will go away with all your organizma.

Here are some symptoms of VSD:

- pain in the heart;
- fatigue (very common);
- excessive sweating;
- decrease in motivation;
- a lump in the throat;
- violation in the intestines and digestive tract;
- frequent palpitations.

  The treatment of this disease should be comprehensive. KArticle shall be conducted in the center of « Cypress & raquo ;. Sometimes it is treated non-drug methods. If the form is very neglected, the quick results and recovery should not be expected. Should be included in the treatment of physical therapy (magnitopunktura, electrical stimulation). Therapeutic massage is very necessary. Full disposal of his body from harmful habits ofbavitsya from emotional stress, physical activity. Treatment also includes IRR pharmaceuticals. They are selected individually for each. Should be regularly (once a month or three months) surveyed in the hospital, especially in spring and autumn, as the VVD during these periods is very acute. So watch carefully withvoim health and take care of it, because it except you do not need anyone. Be healthy.

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