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The boarding house "Tangier" in the Crimea

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If you make a list of places where nature itself heals, the Crimean peninsula in it, of course, will take not the last mesto. About the medicinal properties of the Crimean nature Herodotus wrote in his writings, emphasizing the Crimean mud. &Nbsp;

Primorsko-steppe zone, in the western part of the peninsula is located Saki resort, known for its highly mineralized mud and brine. From the bottom of Lake Saki people take out dirt, uniqueth in its structure and medicinal properties, and the lake itself is priceless, thanks to the water with high salt brine. About the medicinal properties of   these mud and brine were legendary, and often do not think of. That is why in the city began to appear like mushrooms after the rain, all kinds of motels. Mud treatments, mineral water-use of allx these natural sources contribute to the rapid treatment of various diseases and beneficial to the whole body, improving metabolism. Particularly effective   Saki sanatorium in the treatment of diseases associated with gender, with respiratory and joint problems. Also well treated by various skin diseases. &Nbsp;

If you have decided to improve their health, take the dirt, known worldwide as the treatment of all diseases, and at the same time have a good rest, swim in the Black Sea and sank down on the sandy beach under the warm rays of the sun, then visit the resort Saki and pension Tangier: . Modern wellnessThe complex was built in 2002 and is located on the shore of the Gulf of Kalamitskigo. Pension has on its territory a sandy beach, the sea is very shallow, which makes the rest as easy as possible with the children. Two residential building of the hotel, you will find a cozy room, with varying degrees of comfort, and a set of services that meet all quality standards. Speciallyshould be emphasized that the territory has its own mud baths where you can get such treatment: mud tampons and applications, general dirt, irrigation brine.   Application balneology (RPMA baths, vaginal irrigation, pine and pearl irrigation) allows for enhanced efficiency. All this in the application with climatotherapy and specialists youHIGH-class gives a positive result in the fight against certain diseases.

In the pension there is   all the conditions for families with children.   In – first,   in the territory of a playground; secondly, a number of – recreation center, with all sorts of attractions for children, market and cafe. But most importantly,Just some three kilometers share   pension from the   Water Park & ??nbsp; &Laquo; Banana Republic & raquo ;, one of the largest in the Crimea, here is the place where you roam daze, and not only him, you do get a lot of fun.
If   You want to solve health problems, relieve stress, relax nervous tensionI, the resort   Saki Tangier waiting for you. The choice is yours.

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