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What should be absolutely healthy person
16 December 2015   23:49
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What should be absolutely healthy person

They say, absolutely healthy people do not happen: everyone has some deviation. So, in all, used to have a headache or a tooth, all of us from time to time "pick up" a cold ...

What good badger fat
16 December 2015   16:44
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What good badger fat

In the annals of ancient Russia and other nations of the East there are mentions of drugs from the "breast disease" (wybawiaj?cym, cudotw ó rczym, krwioplucia).

16 December 2015   15:39
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The doctor, in Rivne - Valentin Piontkovsky

Head of orthopedic and trauma unit of the Rivne Regional Clinical Hospital, chief orthopedic traumatologist Regional Health Department, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Luxury Maternity
15 December 2015   20:33
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Luxury Maternity

First struck us that, despite all the economic difficulties, the birth rate in the country increased compared with the same period last year.

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