Management of Art Life company

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Managers of the Company ArtLife is the best exemplify the dedication to the social mission of the Company ArtLife - service for the benefit of all mankind in its eternal quest for health, beauty and well-being.

President-founder Alexander Avstrievskih - Member of the International Academy of Natural Products and Biotechnology, vice president of the Association of Russian developers and manufacturers of dietary supplements, Commander of the Order of Charles Rehnborg "For contributions to the development of network marketing." He - doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Commodity and quality management of Kemerovo Technological Institute of the food industry. Not long ago, Alexander was elected Chairman of the Eurasian Union of Manufacturers and distributors of products for health.

Vice-President of the Company ArtLife on Science and Production, by virtually all recipes Andrey Vekovtsev - PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Commodity and quality management of the Kemerovo Technological Institute of the food industry.

It would seem, do not have enough worries in their own company? Enough, of course, but the desire to improve the world in which we live - the inheritance of strong and wise. Hence the care of the younger cadres, that worked in our business and the super-returns on their labor was bright and weighty. Everything should work properly and benefit the surrounding world. The world must be healthy, beautiful and happy. How could it be otherwise?

They are - passionate people, the fanatics of his craft, can charge the enthusiasm of even the most veteran skeptics. They know and love their job. They are absolutely confident in the effectiveness and usefulness of what they do and their confidence involuntarily transferred to others. About these people say: "They lit the heart." And this is indeed so. They - an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration for all the achievements ArtLife. Under their leadership, the company for 11 years has achieved a high international recognition for its products and boundless confidence of partners. And much more we come!