artlife flora artlife flora

Constant expansion of production and product companies Artlife requires regular supply of quality plant material. Not many suppliers of medicinal plants can meet the highest requirements for quality of input raw materials,for the Company made Artlife.

To meet the needs of the Company in 2003, founded the company Artlife-Flora. Location of new businesses was selected Krasnogorskoe village in the north-eastern region of Altai in the uniqueness of its environment and natural properties. Following the tradition of high quality Artlife-Flora harvests and sells high-quality raw materials, according to the requirements of the Federal assembly.

Thanks to modern equipment, all plant material passes physical-chemical, microbiological, organoleptic and ID verification.

Today Artlife-Flora provides the raw material not only Artlife company, but also other Russian producers, who appreciate the medicinal raw material for quality and high content of active substances, and cooperation with Artlife - for perfection in the delivery and compliance with the partnership