Biological active supplements production


Development and production of biologically active additives - the main thrust of the Company Artlife.

A unique research base enables the company to develop and deploy in production of biologically active supplements in all, even the most innovative forms. Among the products: pills, powders, syrups, granules, capsules, spansuly, multikapsy, gels, and others.

The production process of the Company Artlife carried out in special clean rooms, which comply with the requirements of international standard GMP. Quality Management System is certified under the international standard ISO 9001:2000. The company is one of the first in Russia has been certified under the system of HACCP.

Large manufacturing facilities and equipment unique to Russia Artlife allows companies to implement a full production cycle:
- Creation of new product ideas;
- The development of biologically active additives recipes;
- Registration and certification;
- Production of biologically active additives in the form of capsules, multikapsov, spansul, coated tablets with and without it, granules, microcapsules, powders, syrups, gels;
- Manufacture and supply of polymer packaging;
- Packaging of finished products in the blisters, tubes, polymer, banks of different sizes.

Workshop for production of biologically active additives is equipped with modern high-tech equipment such well-known foreign companies as: IMA, Kilian, Huttlin, Manesty, also a Russian company Artlife-Techno. Much of the equipment presented in the Company's plants - one in Russia.

The dietary supplement packaging unit is equipped with modern high-packaging machines,from such firms as: DT KING, AXON, KAPS ALL, IMA.

Packing of biologically active additives is carried out in plastic containers of various volumes, Tubes, packaging (blister) on 10 and 15 tablets, etc. In 2005, the company has mastered a new direction - the production of polymer packaging.

The company conducted research for the integrated study of preventive and curative properties of various biologically active substances. Based on the data specialists industrial research laboratories is constantly developing new formulations and types of biologically active additives.