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What is magnetic resonance imaging

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Magnetic resonance imaging - istomography method, which is engaged in research tissues and internal organs, and thus uses the physical phenomenon of nuclear magnetic resonance.

MRI of the brain makes it possible to see the condition of the tissues and vessels of the head. Using this method, doctors can detect whether you have: deformation, structurals violations,   internal hemorrhage, pathological processes, tumors and other neoplasms. The main thing is that the patients were not afraid, and listened to all the needs of physicians.
Do I need any special training? No, except for the survey, which is used contrast agents.

There is a view that Dr. pregives each patient personalized recommendations. The procedure itself takes about an hour, but sometimes there may be some delay and then a specialist bit difficult to calculate the exact time of the patient. There are people who MRI categorically contraindicated. These are the ones. who implanted a pacemaker or electronic devices.

Another important rule for women! In no case do not need to survey use makeup! Because it is made of metal, it is especially fashionable   sequins for a century or popular carcasses with glitter mascara.
Also, you must be sure to tell the doctor that you are expecting a baby, and in what period.

When magnetic resonance imaging was performed on a commercial basis and not in a hospital, then on hands and be sure to give a written conclusion. Nice to have handed over and CD.

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