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Gout pain in the foot

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When pain or discomforta in the foot, you should see a doctor as to find out the cause of this phenomenon can be difficult even for skilled workers. In order to properly diagnose you need to conduct a comprehensive study and diagnosis of the organism as a whole. If the cause of all ills is are paroxysmal in nature, the maximum intensity at night. Typically, during the attack, the patient experiences severe pain, to the joint is almost impossible to touch, the skin over the affected areas giperemirovanna, any touch extremely painful.

What is gout than it is artful?

Gout is a serious disease associated with metabolic bone. In other words insufficient excretion of uric acid salts, along with unhealthy lifestyle (monotonous food, alcohol, stress) may lead to the establishedTheological salt deposits in the joints of the foot. This process is accompanied by severe joint deformity which leads to intense pain due to soft tissue injuries. In people, this disease is called heel spur. Since on the foot rests depreciation and locomotor function, any pain in the foot leads to immobilizeaniyu and lack of self-service.

How to treat Molasses spurs ?

Gout pain in the foot needs complex treatment, which includes a full range of diagnostic and treatment facilities, since the correction dietpower, ending surgery (with the ineffectiveness of conservative methods). First means effective help in this case is a set of exercises for the feet, which improves blood circulation and normalization of metabolism in the affected area. Gymnastics for stop strengthens muscles and ligaments, so the VCinserted within the list of preparatory procedures before surgery on the foot. In addition, self-massage or foot massage if possible, improves overall health, the foot is considered a zone of transition of arterial blood into the venous and its stagnation in the small capillaries provokes deposits of uric acid salts. Acting on the cause of the disease, you can get rid of his simptomov and for all forget about what a heel spur. Timely treatment in a medical institution - the key to your longevity and health.

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