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LCD "Smolny Park" in St. Petersburg

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There is no doubt that each of us, as a member of society and simple as a man, a family man, needs its own Mrs.leagues in his fortress, so to speak. But at least one of us would like to have this apartment in a place where reigns around great atmosphere filled with a rich historical past and equally rich modern. These cities, which harmoniously combines the past and the future, and not so many around the world, and St. Petersburg is uniquelyis one of them.

Agree to have their own homes and live in a city with such amazing energy - the dream of many. What would you say if you have the chance to get accommodation in the heart of the city, on the banks of the city's main artery of the Neva River, surrounded by landscaped gardens? The prospect looks amazing,agree.

So, such a possibility is being opened in the residential complex « Smolny Park & ??raquo ;, which is located in a quiet, secluded and at the same time a central location in the city - in the park area of ??the Smolny Cathedral. By the way, you can buy online: Around the building is surrounded by not only parkss plantations, but a huge number of historical monuments. Thus, every owner of property in this complex will feel the unique connection between generations and strikingly harmonious unity bustling center of business life and the comfortable privacy of gardens.

The complex is positioned in the market as housingelite level, which will have a spacious apartment with an improved layout and the number of rooms from one to four. The complex will consist of thirteen residential buildings with all necessary facilities.

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