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Why buy used cars on credit

, 10:07
0 2013

In our time, the car was no longer just an element of luxury and lust contemplation on the part of passers-by. Today, it is incomplete normal and even socially necessary thing, without which it is difficult to feel comfortable in terms of the crazy dynamics of society that we see in modern cities.

The car became more widespread, even in the provinces, due to the fact that manufacturers have become more successful tehnologichRP G solutions, will reduce the price, and the income of society have grown substantially. But anyway, that value which claim salons for new cars often becomes unaffordable even in the case of lending programs. Plays a huge role not so much the high cost of many openly unstable and unpredictable situation in the country, withwhich is almost impossible to predict the dollar the next day (which is what it determines the price of the car).

However, credit programs are implemented, but strong demand begins to use credit and buying so-called b / u of automobiles (city). What is the advantage of buyingand? Firstly, the cost, even at relatively low mileage, is markedly lower than that of a brand new model. In addition, this car can be confiscated by the bank or the traffic police, as a necessary condition for a national failure to meet its obligations to them or society. Well, another important factor low prices -desire of the owner as soon as possible to sell your car, that car market conditions (especially now) may take a long time.

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