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Where better to carry out in vitro fertilization

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Most of us have heard the famous phrase that "children - the flowersour life. "Likewise. the majority can not fully appreciate, understand the meaning of this expression as long as your own baby breathes the air for the first time after his birth, emits so cute ear parents crying, pressed against the chest in search of his mother first meal and will begin his long, hopefully, the way in this world.

The birth of the baby - is neither an incomparable feeling a rush of positive emotions, which are hardly realized to such an extent in some other form. However, not all couples can experience this joy, because they are unable to conceive a child in a traditional way. The reasons that put a solid barrier to conceive a child INRth. Some of them are solved by changing the manner of life, and some require a more radical approach in the form of artificial insemination.

The most popular method of artificial conception is IVF (in vitro fertilization), and the most authoritative medical center that uses it - YawWorkshops by the professor in Salzburg, Austria. The founder of the center, Professor Herbert shop is one of the “ Fathers ” Austrian School of Reproductive Medicine, as well as one of the leading Reproduction in Europe and worldwide. Today, after almost thirty years of experience in this field, there is an entire network of clinics that organizationNGOs are included in the structure of the center and are the most authoritative in Europe. They are more than 120 workers help people achieve happiness parenthood.

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