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Fertility Center in Stuttgart

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Stuttgart is one of the largest cities in Germany. He unofficially considered & laquo, The cradle of mechanical engineering and automotive » throughout the country. Here are the companies of Daimler AG and Porsche, producing world-famous cars under the brand name Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, therefore, it brings joy to the set of the owners of these vehicles worldwide. But it also does not prevent the city win fame and completelyth an industry - namely, reproductive medicine. The city is one of the most famous in Germany reproduction centers which are run by two prominent in the field of medicine specialist Dr. F. Gagshtayger and Professor H. Maas.

The high level of medical service provision profile, effectivelyst of the team clinics were marked at the state level. Today Stuttgart successfully carries out all types of artificial insemination, starting with a fairly simple, correcting hormonal procedures and techniques, and best practices to complex, such as IVF, ICSI, and so on. N. The developed methods of treatment are widely andeffectively applied in practice, which allows specialists center not only have a good level of training, but also a good record of reliability and security for their clients. Fertility Center Stuttgart has a number of advantages compared to its competitors:

  • n the presence of an experiencedersonala, specialists in various branches of medicine;
  • constant improvement of qualification of staff;
  • application of modern technologies;
  • regular quality control at all stages of the work.
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