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German Clinic for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery YUVEO

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YUVEO — one of nailuchshih modern clinics in D?sseldorf (Germany).   Its founder is   known for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery — Dr. Rene Schumann. The hospital specializes in hand surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. &Nbsp; Those who suffer from   lipoma (tumor of the skin) or squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer), canso feel free to ask for help in a private clinic of Dr. Schumann.

YUVEO longer races proved to be an indispensable specialist in treatment of such diseases. It is worth adding that the clinic also treats wrinkles using Botox and gialurovanuyu acid. Each patient will be given a   personal approach.   Conducting complex plastic surgery is a highlight of the hospital. In the clinic easily and successfully carried out the operation to increase the buttocks using silicone implants.

Here only the best, highly qualified and experienced doctors who bear greatest responsibility for the use of anesthesia, anesthesiaduring surgical procedures. The clinic is renowned for quality and modern equipment, through which all operations are conducted safely and successfully. YUVEO specializes in operations such as:

  • Correction of the face and chest;
  • Lifting Facial and destruction morschin;
  • breast implants;
  • intimate plastic;
  • Hand Surgery;
  • buttock augmentation;
  • liposuction.

Picking up the total, the hospital has theadvantages, such as: excellent job of professionals, the latest equipment for resuscitation, professional anesthetists, a full examination of the patient before surgery and others. Thus, the clinic of Dr. Schumann guarantee you a successful and reliable plastic surgery, which will surely delight you with an excellent result!

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