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What is a stand-alone gasification section

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Modern people, especially those living in urban areas, is strongly dependentm from no such thing as personal comfort. This is a rather multifaceted concept, which covers various spheres of human life. But the most sensitive people to the things that directly affect the satisfaction of his natural needs, for example, the need for warmth, cooking, heating water for a bath, and so on. N.

This is almost impossible (in particular from the point of view of economic expediency) without the use of natural gas. It is the fuel that is easy to control, accounting, supply adjustment, but it is dangerous, and therefore the gasification of any holiday or a country house, with a connection to the main gas pipeline- It is responsible and not forgiving negligence.

To do this, it will be necessary to prepare a package of documents that clearly takes a lot of time, and funds will have to spend quite a few. It is certainly possible to abandon the idea and use alternative energy sources, as it is now fashionable,But the organization of such systems will have to invest, perhaps even more than in a traditional connection to the gas, but the final cost of their use, the ability to control consumption is unlikely to yield significant benefits (if any will).

However, there is a way to use at their summer cottagegas, which does not involve laying the main gas lines and huge cash injections. This method can be characterized as autonomous gasification suburban area. By the way, you can find on the site: It is caused by the use of special autonomous gas tanks - gas tanks, which are connected to the house gas pipelines. They can be considered small autonomous gas storage facilities, as communication with the central pipelines there, and the required volume of gas is maintained periodic refueling. One filling can last for several days or weeks (depending on the intensity of use of the suburban area).

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