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Characteristics and features of polystyrene UPM-0508

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Polistoirol obtained during the copolymerization with styrene butadiene rubber.

Its purpose:

Polystyrene is used directly to produce molding and extrusion, under a certain pressure technical products and consumer goodsI, namely:

  • Body parts devices and instruments;
  • domestic appliances in the automobile industry;
  • details in the furniture industry;
  • different materials for packaging (in contact with toys, sports equipmentm, food).

Description of physical and chemical properties:

  1. pellet size - with the largest size of granules from 2 to 5 mm. May not be valid for more than 1% of the pellets - 5 to 8 mm and not more than 1% - from 1.5 to 2 mm;
  2. appearance inid - colored or colorless granules;
  3. purity polymer - must be clean surface of the disc. There is still a valid inclusion in diameter from 0.2 to 0.3 mm on the disk surface, based on the area of ??2 cm.

Safety Requirement:

Polystyrene under normalFirst room temperature does not affect adversely on the body of any person. It is not toxic, nor explosive, but may ignite if any intimate contact with the fire. That in speaking of dust polystyrene, if it is present with particle sizes that range from twenty to seventy mm - it is explosive.

If you talk about transportation, the polystyrene can be transported all the different modes of transport, as well as in covered rail cars.

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