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Who is an agronomist?

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Today is such a profession as an agronomist is one of the most famous. A good specialist has good prospectsin career development. Who was an agronomist and what is its main goal? This is what we tell Nikolaev RP - employee portal "Agron":.

Agronomy - a specialist in the field of agriculture, with higher education and has the knowledge mainly in the field of agriculture. The main objectives of agronomistinclude:

  • organization of crop production;
  • development of systems application of fertilizers and plant protection products;
  • definition of a rational structure of cultivated land;
  • compilation of scientific and detailed maps concerning the processing of crops, as well as working maps for certain periods;
  • work with agricultural crops;
  • the tasks associated with the organization and the prediction of new varieties and hybrids of agricultural culround;
  • primennenie industrial openings on agricultural;
  • some changes and measures for obtaining high yields;
  • imperative to production and research in the field of production and harvesting;
  • organize the process of storing, processing and marketing of agricultural crops.

Also, this person must be able to work on farms and in other structures for agricultural purposes. Agronomist should understand the basic principles of work and research institututions foreman, researcher and head of the department.

As for education, the need to focus in general biological disciplines, in particular know the plant physiology, genetics, biological chemistry, microbiology, plant, agriculture, agricultural chemistry, land reclamation, basis of selection, the economy and other enterprises.

Of course, every profession has its own specifics. Agronomist, for example, spends a lot of time in the fresh air, which is very beneficial effects on the body and its health and general. He usually works on farms, agricultural complexes, educational institutions and research institutes. Agronomist certainly tolzhen be physically resilient, creative thinking, and have a good memory to be able to make decisions quickly and be resistant to cold.

Many people wonder what the salary of the people of this specialization? Mostly it depends on the level of his training. Agronomist chemical plant protection in a month earns from $ 800By Seed - from $ 900, and the salary of the chief agronomist - $ 1100-1500.

In order to become a professional agronomist to finish or higher education in the specialty "Agronomy".

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