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Shopping in London and New York. Language barriers - interpretation of the meaning

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If you are travelingas a tourist abroad, in England or the United States, as a rule, it is necessary to visit the capital. Naturally, you want to buy more of interesting souvenirs and buy yourself all sorts of old things.

Selfridge on Oxford Street in the heart of London – one of the largest department stores in the UK. It was opened in 1909 andis one of the first stores.

It is primarily known for its impeccable service, a wide choice of products and the ability to satisfy any, even the most capricious customer. In the department store sold more than 3   000 different brands on 7 floors, and there are many caf?s, restaurantsand bars. Here you can find a variety of homemade dishes, fresh salads and delicious cakes.

In the sales department of clothes you can find the latest fashion trends, and the Department of toys - it's just incredible magical world. Therefore, if the next time will be somewhere near, come and be sure you are perfectly Through aete time!

Of course, the shopping center of this magnitude has its own website where you can buy things online. But what if you do not know the language? And then come to the aid of translation agencies. Here you can from English to Ukrainian, Russian and other languages. No language barrier is not substantiallyis with us. You can also sign up to our courses where professional instructors will teach you, and you can on Skype.

paradise for tourists – price wide range

The trip to New York can not be considered complete if you have not visited one of the largest department stores in the world.Macy's Herald Square on directly in the city center and there is everything that money can buy. There is all sorts of departments, so before you will be a great choice. Department Sellar - food and cooking various dishes offers snacks from all over the world. The department offers a wide selection of clothing apparel for men and womencommunities. Also, there are many boutiques with the latest trends. Macy Kids – for children, where you can buy toys and clothes for every choice. Also, purchases can be made online at the official website store.

What do you know about the vehicles in Britain and America?

Of course, in England, the most popular mode of transport is the car. People use it to get to work, go shopping, take the children away from the garden. But in busy city centers preferred mode of transport is public transport – taxis, buses , trains. In London, the most convenient way peredvizhenNotices from one place to another is the subway. In villages as preferred car as the train and taxis are not everywhere, however, as we have.

Americans, like the British, prefer cars. The family often have two cars, and school and university students have also, as a rule, their own andvtomobil. In large cities such as Boston and New York and Washington demand is public transport, which is well developed. If you want to visit relatives who live far away, enjoy the air, because, as you know, the US is fairly large country, and traveling by car or train can take several days.

Learn more about the culture, traditions, language barriers, to order an urgent translation, website translation, a visa to the US – please!

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