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Impaired psychomotor and speech development

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Man is one of the most advanced tVorenus nature, one of the most complex organisms on the planet. The high level of development that has been made over the centuries of our history, largely made possible by the presence of a person well-developed mind and its main components: memory, thinking, attention, emotional and volitional qualities and others.

InAll these abilities are formed in the womb and are actively developing in childhood. According to their level of development can be judged on the overall level of development of the child, its ability to socialization and adaptation. Rates of mental development are closely monitored by medical staff, as have a key influence on the Lasteduyuschem learning and life.

Abnormalities in the rate of development of these features combine taken in a set of interrelated abnormalities, which are called mental delay (psychomotor, speech) development or mental retardation. Usually recorded in the preschool and early school age, but if they do not lend themselves torrektsii, then later in life it gives occasion to speak about such a serious problem as mental retardation. For more details about developmental delays, visit the website of the Moscow Clinic of Rehabilitation Neuroscience:

The reasons that ultimately lead to the development of mental retardation, can be divided into two ballshie group origin source of influence:

  • biological causes. This group of reasons that include effects on fetal development of various diseases mother pathologies of pregnancy, trauma and genetic predisposition;
  • socialreasons. This group of causes that lead to long-term impairment in social, psycho-emotional development of the child, including the adverse conditions in which the child is brought up.
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