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The history of the tradition of giving gifts

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Almost everyone likes to receive gifts. Today, it is generally not a problem - just prPICs visit the bazaar, and a gift in your hands. However, few people know the very history of the origin of this action. Actually give gifts began a long time ago. Gift called certain things or services that bring people pleasure and joy.

In Russia, the word has been replaced by a gift to the "fairing". More aboutbut it was common in the villages. This fairing good attitude symbolized one person to another, which is given a present.
Sometimes not all the gifts bring joy to people, especially the colors. Previously gave yellow flowers, but eventually changed their attitude to yellow, and now women are happy to accept itso lovely bouquet of mimosa.

It is interesting to know how to give gifts in the old days. We   Babylon and Sumer gave gold and silver jewelry. Best gifts were given in ancient Greece. Mostly here respected gold jewelery, manuscripts, horses, hionskoe wine and fine linen of Egypt. As for the Arab CounMr. and there exchanged slaves, expensive fabrics, weapons, horses and spices.

In the middle years in Europe very much appreciated gold. Therefore, with particular regard for usurers. Kings, in turn, gave the Knights the land only for special services. Sometimes it can give and gardens. However, this happens very rarely.

Giving gifts - a gift. Always do this with a smile and a sense of the sublime. Give joy to friends and family people should only be a process that is fun. And for what is best to choose a gift you need to know the tastes of the person and what he's interested.

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