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The bar - a favorite of many athletes inventory

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It's nice when you pay attention to the beautiful half, andmany girls admiringly look   followed. This is no accident, relief muscles emphasizes the benefit figure. &Nbsp; Man with sports   the figure has a certain strength, the ability to protect the weak. And   woman comfortable with him, she's safe. But to achieve such physical perfection, you have to spend in the gym more than one hour.Seven pots should get you, then something can happen.

The modern gym, equipped with the latest technology, all kinds of fitness equipment, but ordinary post to throw too early, as it is still considered a universal shell. Rod favorite tools of many, with a bar to haveallowances involved many athletes time to prepare for competition. For classes with the rod does not necessarily go to the gym, you can buy a sports house, if you have enough space for it.

Why is Rod?

Catching up with the bar, you can gradually increaseload maximizing. Therefore all muscle groups develop harmoniously. You   themselves, like a sculptor can sculpt   his body, developing   Muscle what you want. Besides these classes   a positive effect on our body, strengthening heart muscle system, improving circulation and stimulating the activity of   light.Barbell exercises help to strengthen the nervous   system. And if you combine the power and exercise, you will develop agility and endurance.

What should be taken into account when choosing their post in the store

Buy the post is not so difficult, it is available in any maGazin sporting goods. Therefore, you can either go to the store or order bar in the shop. &Nbsp; The range of bars is very diverse. The bar consists of a neck and a set of disks. Weight discs have different weight and are fixed with locks on the neck. These locks should pay particular attention, since it is your safety. They have a lifes reliable to during training wheels could slip off the neck.

The rods are Olympic standard. And the main difference between them is that standartnaya- is a lightweight version. Grief Olympic barbells withstand a load of about three hundred kilograms, while the neck of a standard rod can withstand 150 kg.&Nbsp; And rods are male and female. In the female rod neck is shorter and smaller in diameter. &Nbsp; In order to use the bar as much as possible, you still need to buy a stand for squats, bench for exercises   in the position of « lying » and an inclined board.

Going over the bar

If you have decided to start exercising with a barbell, you start with small loads, and preferably in the presence of an instructor. The barbell can be very hurt himself, the main thing is not to overdo it. Then you can gradually increase the load. For classes should be very competently the exercises accurately to determine their sequence. Training time viriruetsya from one hour to one and a half hours. It all depends on the athlete. For starters, you need to increase the time gradually.
&Nbsp; Sports nowadays have become very fashionable, which can not but rejoice. The desire to make your body beautiful and healthy strong results in gyms millions of people of all ages. Select to employ-Tille post, and it will take a little time and you will see the result!

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