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Eye diamond - this phrase as something verys harmoniously combines two seemingly completely different terms. But in fact they do have something in common. Diamond, for example, is the most solid and sharp material on the planet, besides quite precious. The same, in fact, can be said about the view, which for normal information content has to be sharp. Well,the value of it and can not speak, because the huge complex of organs and systems of our body which is, in fact, operates in response to the information received from the external world by means of touch systems.

It should be reminded that almost 80-90% of the information we receive throughvision. In view of the special importance to his status, health must be treated with great responsibility, especially that in modern conditions the frequency of eye diseases has increased significantly. This is a natural consequence of the enormous progress that humanity has made, that the dynamics with which they live and the extent of involvementin our leisure and work of digital technologies that are forcing us to spend much time in front of monitors their gadgets.

The purpose of the resource "Eye diamond"

With such a high likelihood of developing diseases of the eye, we just have to navigate the issue. Naturally, the treatment must be chargedprofessional doctors, but to navigate the symptoms, to timely seek help or do not detach from the doctors working for nothing, it is desirable to everyone who is potentially at risk. For such purposes, and was created by resource "Eye diamond":. Here you can find information about the structure of the eye and emergingdiseases and their symptoms, as well as the procedure of diagnosis and treatment.

The structure of the eye

This section contains articles that describe the structure and functioning of, contains articles about its main structural components: visual and optic nerve, eye socket, the conjunctival sac, visual pathways,sclera, iris, pupil, cornea, vitreous, etc. Furthermore, it described herein peripheral organs such as the lacrimal gland, and the process refraction, ie light rays perception system.

Eye Disease

This section contains information about the diseases and injuries of view, kotorye most persecuted man. The most common ones are:

  1. Traumatic eye damage domestic origin or production;
  2. mydriasis, ie diametrical mydriasis;
  3. Conjunctivitis - inflammation of the mucous Obolchki eyes, his total adenovirus, bacterial, acute, chronic form;
  4. Amaurosis - reducing the optic nerve function eye, up to complete its loss;
  5. aniseikonia - anomaly structure of the visual apparatus;
  6. photopsia - characteristic expressedNotices sparks or flashes in the eyes;
  7. Exophthalmos - protrusion of the eyeball from the orbital cavity;
  8. Color blindness - the loss of color perception, usually congenital;
  9. ptosis - drooping of one or both eyelids with respect to its normal position;
  10. Cataract - clouding of the lens;
  11. myopia, astigmatism - in other words, short-sightedness and far-sightedness and many others.


This section provides examples of symptoms, which require special attention. If you have anyand any of these symptoms, you should take steps to prevent more serious problems.


It provides information and recommendations for the passage of scheduled eye examinations, and also describes specific methods of their research in a clinical setting.


The best way to protect and preserve the full capacity their vision is to prevent existing diseases, and it is more effective when a person is well aware that it can wait and what to pay its attention in the first place.

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