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Production of men's shoes in the Ukraine

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A man is as superior to all others WellBiofilms organisms, and how much they surpass it, but in an entirely different, sometimes pretty simple things. If a person, for example, creates and maintains vehicles and other equipment that is absolutely inaccessible to the perception of animals, they are on the contrary, feel freely in natural conditions, without any additional ineschey. In order to somehow adapt to their environment man creates clothes and shoes, which protects the body from damage, retains warmth and comfort, as well as creating a certain style and way.

The state of affairs in the shoe market of the country

Today, in the choice of clothing and footwear in fact no Spanishytyvaet problems. The Iron Curtain fell, and for a long time in the former Soviet Union, including Ukraine hlinul flow of foreign variety of shoe brands. Introduced in commodity trading networks able to satisfy in terms of design, quality and price of any potential customer. Everyone knows and prefer to choose high-quality footwear of the leading foreign brands,but for all its benefits, it has one, but essential, lack of - is the high price. This, you see, in a constantly inflation and jumps in the dollar, which also pegged the price of imported shoes, making it sometimes simply unattainable for the majority of the population. At the same time, we are somewhat ironic and wary of shoeechestvennogo production, as low-quality, not very reliable and is not relevant to its price.

Such precedents exist and deny them stupid, but they make up a small part of the total weight. Modern Ukrainian manufacturer, for the most part, on the contrary strives to produce quality products at Dosprice-to-reach, since it is thereby possible to earn a permanent customer base and the respect of her. In this regard, one of the most interesting and promising domestic brands, specializing in the manufacture and sale of shoes, is TM « Bastion & raquo ;. Its manufacturing facilities are located in the former capitale Soviet Ukraine, now - one of the largest and most developed regions - Kharkov. By the way, to buy shoes TM « Bastion » you can  .

The success story of the TM « Bastion »

On the Ukrainian market the company operates for 18 th year in a row, starting its activity in the distant today and bupolar in his memoirs in 1997, when the notion of market relations were only becoming. &Laquo; Bastion » not for nothing called as fortified fortification, because during this time the company has developed from a small workshop to a major zakroechnoy shoe factory, which has its own design department. Prioriority, a key focus in the activity of « Bastion » It is the development, tailoring and implementation of high-quality, natural menswear. The key to its operations, the company takes the exclusive use of natural, high quality materials. This not only improves the quality of the shoe, its durability, but also significantly increasesie the authority of the company.


Any man knows that the quality of the shoes depends its credibility. Using Shoes « Bastion » you definitely will feel confident, like a stone wall a reliable bastion.

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