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What is an Ozonator Air

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Any student, studied chemistry knows that a vital component as oxygen Molekulyarnom relation consists of two interconnected interatomic bonds. However, as we all know other combination of oxygen atoms which is slightly different form of the gas - the triatomic molecule called ozone. Sort of as an indispensable ingredient, as well as its original, basic form of oxygen. Most ofwe have known it such a useful function as the protection of the planet from the effects of critical doses of ultraviolet radiation produced by the sun.

Also known form of such interaction of cosmic proportions - the ozone layer. Of course, this is completely transparent substance, is located high in the layers atmosfers (20-30 km), but on the ground people can learn about the existence of such material during or after a storm, when the air acquires a characteristic freshness and the so-called "thunderstorm smell". Strictly speaking, this ultraviolet exposure is one of the mechanisms that are part of the molecular oxygen is transformed into ozone. Proiit goes by breaking interatomic bonds of individual molecules, free atoms which then adhere to not destroy molecules, forming triatomic structure.

What is useful ozone?

Everything that happens in nature happens with a purpose and has certain characteristics that may AppUse This Criterion people for their own purposes. In particular, ozone is quite useful for some of the properties of human, primarily antiseptic. Working with organic (harmful bacteria, mikroorganika) forms, ozone actively destroys them harmful, pathological forms. Similarly, ozone acts on the chemical, molecular level, dischargeushaya air present in chemical compounds producing their chemical neutralization. This fact is widely used in everyday life for cleaning air and water, as well as various forms of food. Nevertheless, the effects of ozone on our body should be moderate, since high doses may affect the condition of the nervous system, etc.yhatelnoy function, cause allergic reactions. To use the characteristics of ozone in the home, its correct dosage use such appliances as ozonizers air.

What is an Ozonator and how it happens?

Ozonator called appliance, which is used for synthesizing the Lakeit and increase its concentration in the air to the required standards. All existing on the market of household ozonizers categories classified by the main indicator - a method of generating ozone:

  • Ozonizers using electric discharge . The designThis device contains components such as electrodes (formed between them discharge), high-voltage source and a fan. All of them work under the scheme of quiet electrical discharge;
  • Ozonizers using barrier discharge . In con- structedktsii ozonizer contains two different active material (e.g., metal, and any of the dielectrics) with different electrical conductivity. This leads to the formation of a barrier between the discharge volume, surface, or cell-type;
  • Ozonizersusing UV . The design of such a device is present a source of ultraviolet radiation, which handles air is supplied.


Household ozonizers - are devices that produce ozone concentrations required for positive effects on the bodyHuman edited.

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