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Throughout the centuries of its history, mankind has ever tried to change something in yourself, to be different, not only from the Eastcial living species, but also by their own kind. Moreover, this applies not only to the peoples or nations that have their own distinctive features, but also of any single person in any society or of the same people. Human nature is much more pronounced individuality than animals and that is why we are constantly looking for ways toimprove their appearance, individualization. The easiest way to do this - try different from the usual social clothes and shoes, but this is not a complete list of what is included in the concept of "image". It is also necessary to include the process of creating a visual and aesthetic characteristics of the body, quite a long time wasof inherent in most of the women. This is logical, given that they are considered beautiful half of humanity, and all the laws of logic and common sense, are obliged to make efforts to maintain an appropriate image and status. In this regard, in principle nothing has changed now, because we are all women, and also praise Sunhischaemsya their beauty. Only here the standards of beauty have changed, as well as requirements to the image, which can be considered the ideal in terms of fashion and style. Moreover, it is necessary to tell the truth that modern man what little behind the women and also take care of their appearance. Naturally, all the range of services and activities, which is requiredIMO master in order to create the ideal image is quite wide, and perform all at the highest level is extremely problematic. But do not despair, because the aid of all who seek the beauty of body and spirit comes (Savanna).

What is the Savanna?

Savanna - this is one of the best Spa salons in one of the most beautiful andpicturesque cities in the country - Ivano-Frankivsk. It is the center of historical, cultural and geographic region known as the Carpathians. This is one of the most distinctive regions of the country, so unique, like Savannah, whose name used beauty salon.

salon services

- it is not just interior edgecell, which make the hair, makeup and manicure. It is a full-fledged complex, in which the wide range of services to create a truly unique way:

  • The complex cosmetic procedures, the key to which is the work of professional beauticians, to create the conditions under which your skin will become younger and crnd a beautiful, and the result is effective and safe;
  • Tattoo. One of the most popular trends in our time, enabling you to create a unique skin, reflecting the inner world of the owner of the drawings;
  • Permanent makeup. This set of procedures that will allow to adjust and to emphasize the natural beauty of women, focusing inunderstanding of the advantages and disadvantages of hiding;
  • Services SPA & WELLNESS. The complex of programs for facial and body treatments, including various massages and spa;
  • Make-up and make-up. Independent Studio will truly unique way, skillfully and wisely using decorative cosmetics;
  • Manicures and pedicures. who withIt seemed that the nails are not part of the image? For the modern woman is practically inseparable concepts.

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