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Problems with drug addiction in our society and their decision

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It's no secret that our society is full of all sorts of problems, one of which is   narkozavisimosbe. What drugs so attractive to people? In nature, there are countless species and varieties of materials, exciting, relaxing, and provides other odurmanevayuschih impact on human rights. Drugs are divided into two categories: vegetable pharmaceuticals and chemicals. &Nbsp;

For example, there peyote - a small cactus, on top of which is located a few buds without needles. It is in these buds is mescaline. Effects of mescaline is very similar to LSD, it upsets the normal operation of the senses. Within a couple of hours after a person may experience loss of vision. Takzhe then blunted sense of time and space, change perception. Mescaline has a very wide range of effects. Homeland of the plant is North America. To date, this cactus is one of the most popular plants in the United States. He is not picky about soil and requires no care tooboj. In ancient times the natives have used peyote as part of the traditional religious ceremonies.

In fact, it is not about ordinary hallucinations, which is mescaline. Wine pulp of this plant can have dire outcome. Its use leads to severe mental disorders,memory loss, lifelong depression, and suicide. There are cases when tourists come home to eat peyote cactus, a few days later he disappeared. Doctors say that the « peyote freaks » disappear because the cause hallucinations urge to move. Under the influence of drugs, people go away into the desert, where the fall andznemazhdennymi or thrown off cliffs.

It is important for people to remember that familiarity with the plant leads to   drug addiction, mental illness and dazhek death. In case of increase of the dose drug use becomes a permanent, formed a certain level of anesthesia human body. &Nbsp; The moral prohibitionsand the voice of reason to depart craving for drugs, and physical dependence does not allow to live more than a day without drugs. The man gradually loses his spiritual independence. Drugs become the only purpose in life is such a person. No family, no job, no family happiness are not able to stop the obsessive desire to have narkozavisimogo get another dose.

addiction syndrome - a combination of physiological and   behavioral phenomena in which the use of narcotics occupies the first place in the system of human values. The main characteristic of the syndrome   drug   is the need often is strongSingle, sometimes insurmountable, take psihoaktvnye substances, alcohol, tobacco, and so on. One can endlessly enumerate the harm done by alcohol and drugs to the human body. But there is good news: drug addiction can be overcome, and this is a modern solution in the specialized agencies. Since rehabilitation centers Mr.Arco and alco affiliates provide effective programs cure these terrible diseases. Even if your home is in trouble came of this kind, you know that there is a solution, and with any difficulties can be overcome. Even the most avid addict or alcoholic can return to normal life and succeed in our society.

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