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Night lenses - a solution to many problems

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Blurred vision in children and adults in our time, the phenomenon of visual impairment in children and adults in our time, the phenomenonoften enough. What it is the cause is uncertain, but often the doctors say about the dangers of the computer on the TV, and all sorts of different things, without which the modern man does not think of its existence. It is difficult to say whether this is, in fact there are people who are constantly working on the computer, and the vision they have normal, good. Rather, the vision isiyaet many factors, and nutrition, and heredity, environment and so forth.   But scientists are constantly working on the problem of the treatment and correction of vision, creating new methods of treatment, achieving excellent results. To get advice on this issue.

Night lenses - a solution to many problems

When you see theilis night lenses, many patients are able to get rid of their problems with vision. There was a whole new trend in the treatment and vision correction - orthokeratology (OK-therapy). The method is based on treatment during sleep with nocturnal contact lenses. Such lenses worn at night before going to sleep and in the morning and shoot the whole day look normaland well. Night Lenses – it's a kind of alternative to conventional lenses and glasses, as well as refractive surgery.

A bit of history

The idea to change the shape of the cornea and thereby correct vision dates back to the 20th century, somewhere in the middle. &Nbsp; Scientists have noticed that you can reshape the cornea using GLASSs scleral lenses. The change occurred as a side effect when using the lens. &Nbsp; In this direction, he worked George Wesley Jessen and Newton. But then it was something akin to a fairy tale, the effect was not stable, and to achieve at least some effect needed time. And only about 80 years of the twentieth century, American Richard Vlodur first developed orthokeratology lens, which marked the beginning of the development of UC therapy, but then these lenses were used only during the day. &Nbsp;

The selection of night lenses

The effectiveness of this treatment is directly connected with the correct selection of lenses, otherwise the result will be zero, and you can only hurt yourself. Poetth you need to be diagnosed. For this purpose there is a special diagnostic equipment. It will give a complete picture of your individual circumstances. With the results, we can optimally choose the right lens night. Use night lenses can people who have myopia to -6.50 diopters of astigmatism up to 1.75 gioptry. Given that such lenses provide vision by 100% for a whole day, it is very advantageous solution for people working in extreme conditions or athletes. Such lens- replacement laser correction, because there are patients who are contraindicated such a correction, due to a number prichin.Esli you fear the development of myopia in IslandsSheha child, and there are conditions to this, the use of night lenses slow down the development of this process.

And if you are bored with conventional lenses and glasses, the "Night" a modern version of the lens replacement. This is one of the best options today. Get rid of the complex « & raquo ;, bespectacled lead an active life, doa successful career, fully enjoy life!

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