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Betony (Betonica officinalis)

February 11 2014

FamilyGubotsvety - Lamiaceae

Description betony


Betony - a perennial herb with straight, quadrangular stem, up to 60 cm tall. Leaves letters toothed, hairy, gentle in the socket, with long petioles, and steblovye - on short stalks, vepxnie subsessile. Flowers bukvitsy pink-red, bisexual, sitting in the axils of the upper leaves and collected in elongated kolosopodobnoe inflorescence. A cup pyatizubchastaya, wreath - two-lipped, four stamens. Plod letters dry and consists of four elongated nuts.

Distribution betony

Betony happens in the fields, among the bushes, on dry ground.

Raw betony - grass and root

Grass and kopen letters medical - Negba et Radix Betonicae.

Aerial parts of the plants collected during the flowering period (June-August). Letters cut grass with leaves Ground. Dry in shade or in susharke at temperatures up to 40 C. The roots are dug letters in September. After cleaning and washing THEIR dried in the shade (can be in the sun) Or susharke at temperatures up to 45 C. The dried potion has a peculiar odor and a bitter taste. Store in a dry place.

Chemical composition betony
The above-ground part contains mainly stahidrin (0.1-0.2%), and substance betonitsin turitsin, essential oils, tannins ineschestva (10-15%), gopkie substance, starch, flavonoids, etc .; kopeni have unexplained structure.
Action application i betony

Betony anti-inflammatory effect when: gastric and intestinal diseases, giperatsyde, diarrhea, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder and otkashlevalno at: bronchitis, astme, whooping cough.

Available in the plant stahidrin lowers blood pressure in hypertension. The holistic composition of herbs actions reinforce nervous exhaustion, as it reduces the WHOwake nepvovoi central system. It is believed that the letter improves metabolism.

Traditional medicine recommends potion betony and epilepsy, headache, dizziness, rheumatism, gout, jaundice, atherosclerosis and kidney disease, uterine inflammation, and so on. D.

Externally - in the form of a slurry of izmelchonnogo fresh plant is used for rheumatism, festering wounds, bites of poisonous snakes.

How to use betony
Herbal medicine uses a drop cap for internal medical use in the form of infusion. 1 tbsp Herbs pour 600 g of boiling water. Boil for 3 minutes,   to insist 30 minutes and drain. Take 50-150 g three times a day under medical supervision!

drug can be in a pharmacy or online store narodfarma.com.ua.

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