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Clinic Bobyrev - effective treatment of the spine and joints

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Health – the highest value of human life, veqb only a healthy person can be truly happy. Unfortunately, among the elderly and among young people (less active due to the modern way of life) are common diseases of the spine and joints. To combat this type of disease more than 25 years ago, it opened the clinic Bobyrev, to date, the setset of branches in different cities of Russia and abroad.


Clinic Bobyrev designed specifically to address the problems with the spine and joints. Experts used for innovative science and technology, helping to cure thousands of patients. Experienced doctorsa personalized program for each patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. The focus falls on the activities of the clinic, the treatment of back, all kinds of hernias, bones in the legs and the solution of many other problems.


Specialists clinic beforeLaga effective treatment without surgery of the spine. Based on the latest medical developments of unique, namely defanoterapii, made an impact on the human body and then getting rid of the disease. Features of the clinic are:

  • individual approach to each patient;
  • ispolzovaof new technologies and new methods of treatment;
  • a guarantee of quality of service;
  • Highly qualified doctors;
  • easy and painless treatment.

Methods of treatment

All of the techniques used in the clinic and are effective includemany additional development to improve the quality of care. Among them should be mentioned are:

  • defanoterapiya – a unique way to painless impact on the spine, based on the tractional-pulse impact;
  • Manual Therapy – the method of restoration of the vertebral foundedovanny pressing on the affected areas;
  • massage;
  • orthopedics;
  • shockwave therapy and much more.

go to the clinic, you are guaranteed to get expert help in treating and advising. For the convenience of online clinics an opportunitymake an appointment online with the help of a mobile phone. You do not need to waste time on a trip to the clinic for the record, because it can be done without leaving home.

Clinic Bobyrev - Treatment of the spine and joints

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