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Insulation. Types and use of

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> Comfort throughout the home in many ways, first of all it depends on how it is there toomfortno directly in the winter. Warming of the attic all - it is the right target for all those who just want to pay less for good heating. High-quality insulation and all very well pick up the thickness of the insulation to the attic can always reduce your costs in several times, as well as through the roof, along with all the walls, goesprecious heat.

The large house is just your attic to just bordered by a large surrounding environment and the loss of heat through the quality of its entire surface reaches 25%. With the unique design of the entire device pitched roof it is important to think carefully all its subsequent steps is its insulation andQualitative content.

The unique concept of the whole mineral insulation consists of three kinds of high-quality materials: good rock wool, slag wool, and as that has always distinguished itself among themselves all the raw material for a unique production. The last two are used for exactly horoshey isolation of purely industrial projects because of the very dangerous substances for the modern man. All   more unique specialists and lovers always tend to use it for rock wool insulation of their homes, and this is no accident: the most versatile and very light material, easy intuitive to use, isene, besides also a very long list of manufacturers.

The positive properties of all the unique stone wool:

  • fire her safety;
  • good durability;
  • high-quality thermal insulation;
  • modern insulation;
  • a unique vapor permeability.

In a good help as just pick a heater for your attic, an overview of all products of some contemporary leaders in the production of quality material Rockwool.


It is one of the quality products of the company - is also a wholly-owned stone wool Light BATTC Scandic. She just completely made of all natural materials, in the winter as it is well warms and summer directly holds all of the necessary climate, and because it is - a real big savings on all air-conditioning very large room. What is interesting, he just insulation does not absorb water. Even if we pour it SverreHu, the water will be good to roll drops its surface quality. Light Batts Scandic well was designed specifically for the widest and non-professional use in modern construction of private houses, which means that it is always easy and simple to use it on their own. The width of his plate - 600 mm. Thickness - 100 mm. She has tonsakzhe sufficient rigidity to not bend well and very reliably stay in their construction. It is always important to observe all the necessary thickness of insulation wool directly. Depending on the climate in the region, it is equal to 150-250mm. In addition, the entire base can be equipped with a heater is always a good gidrovetrozaschitnoy membrane from the proDriver Rockwool and vapor barrier film.

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