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Important information about "Samozdrav" - a simulator for breathing

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During the shortage of carbon dioxide nachinayut constricts blood vessels - then there is a process of circulatory disorders, as well as increasing blood pressure. In addition, increased load on the heart itself, to cause the appearance of hypertension, ischemia (lack of blood supply) of the heart, angina, and many others. These issues are successfully resolved on the unit that can be on the official website.

« Samozdrav » only for personal use, or it can be used as a family?

You can use the « Samozdrav » even the whole family. Only after use should be thoroughly wash this unit with water, and do not forgete alcohol wipe mouthpiece.

Is there a shelf life for "Samozdrav"?

« Samozdrav » It does not need to be replaced, because with each new workout begins the new specific gas mixture. Easy maintenance will ensure many years of use without any wear parts.

Canuse "Samozdrav" gipotonikam?

Of course, it is possible. Just training on "Samozdrav" lead to the fact that you are experiencing an unusual condition where naturally there is a normalization of blood pressure.

What to do after all the stages will be passed?

Following the completion of certain steps in order to maintain the figure that you have accumulated, you can also continue to breathe this way: after you have completed a specific   Course, you can go back to Stage 2 or 3 (it as you wish), opposite the container label set number one. So breathe odYing every 1-2 days for 20 to 30 min. Or once a year is required to take all necessary steps, but at an accelerated rate over 4-6 months.

The position of the body during training on "Samozdrav"

Pay attention to the important position of the body in the classroom directly on the simulator « Samozdrav & raquo ;. In the fifthrotyazhenii two to three weeks, start to engage in different positions: sitting directly at the table, for example, or sitting in a chair. It is equally important that the back was in an upright position, and the front wall of the abdomen can move freely back and forth. It is also important that you do not feel any pressure directly to the cervical region ofvertebral. During lung diseases necessarily occupies a position lying down, reclining.

The breath after you have made medication

If you are taking medication, remember that they need to be taken in this mode, which was written directly to a doctor, and breathing normally be Implementedvlyatsya the general scheme - in the evening, preferably twenty minutes before you go to bed.

How to take medicine when you   respiratory exercise workout on an individual simulator inhaler?

The medicine should be taken strictly to this method corresponds to the purpose of your Veraca, as well as a unique physiotherapy or massage. Breathing exercises will combine well with all kinds of treatment, this also applies to psychotherapy and acupuncture.

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