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21 argument in favor of sport

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physical exercises have many benefits, and then we'll talk about some of them. The necessary equipment can be purchased in foreigntrenet store.

  1. Sports still life (active living increases for 2 years);
  2. Due to the reduced number of sports injuries (after all playing sports person develops balance, posture and strength);
  3. Sports reduces anxiety (nat. exercise improves mood, relieve anxiety and stress);
  4. Def. Exercises are a great tool in the fight against depression;
  5. Increased self-esteem (your body will melt more fit and attractive, and healthy);
  6. improves mood (while exercising your brain releases chemical. substances that improve mood and cause euphoria and a feeling of well-being);
  7. Sneezhaetsya stress (exercise increases positive endorphins in the body);
  8. Training improves motor skills in patients with arthritis (to improve joint flexibility and reduce pain in them, doctors recommend special nat. exercises);
  9. Reduces the risk of obesity (lack of exercise often leads to an increaseweight, exercise helps to reduce it);
  10. Improves metabolism;
  11. Slows sarcopenia (resistance training and strength training help for a long time to maintain muscle, which disappear as they age);
  12. improved musculoskeletal health (improving the musculoskeletal system);
  13. Improves mineraldensity of the bones (osteoporosis risk is reduced);
  14. Exercise makes us smarter (as a result of investigations it was found that nat. exercises stimulate more thinking than it does the thinking itself);
  15. Reduces the risk of colon cancer (in active people are much less likely to diagnose colon cancerishki than those who lead a "sedentary" lifestyle);
  16. Reduces the risk of developing breast cancer. (nat. Exercise helps control our weight, and women after menopause who exercise regularly are more thin. They also have lower levels of estrogen, which is the 1st of the main factors in preventing yesconstant illness);
  17. Reduces the risk of stroke (stroke risk is reduced by 80%);
  18. Sports improve the level of "good cholesterol" and reduce the level of bad;
  19. Improves blood triglyceride levels;
  20. lowers blood pressure (jogging jogging or regular visits to the gym to strengthen pomagajutit heart, strong heart, in turn, applies less force to pump blood. A blood pressure will be lower, the less effort will need to attach the heart to pump blood);
  21. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes (regular classes nat. exercise reduces the risk of diabetes by 33%).

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