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Modern trends in SEO

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Technology promotion of sites are constantly changing. SEO - a new area, the laws of which have not yet established and not formed. To followthese laws have to learn on the go, constantly adapt to the changing algorithms of the major search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.). Many methods, which are conducted to promote sites on the net a couple of years ago, do not work or are living their last days. They were replaced by modified methods of promotion and brand nmarketing, dictated by the development of modern technologies. And tell us about this Petrov AP - employee webstudio IWORKS, which contains a lot of targeted information.

Social integration

The role of social networks in the development of the Internet is growing. The number of registered social networks etc.Household users grows in mathematical progression. Of course, SEO can not ignore such a big and powerful platform that can provide an inexhaustible source of traffic to the resource. And since the development of social networks will further increase in the near future, then today should adopt this effective tool prodvizhenIa and resource development.

Mobile version of the site

Using the Internet via mobile phones already, according to some estimates, exceeded the standard output to the network users through desktop computers. And this is a clear signal to webmasters that in the near future, the creation of the mobile sitewill become mandatory for a successful promotion.

Content - King

The role of high-quality and unique content has always been high. But today, the content takes on even greater urgency. This will be critical relevance of the information, its usefulness for users. In the first place in the assessment of content can now perform a statistical parameter, as it is « water content » (when the text is nothing - only water). Therefore, the texts of anything with a lot of digression, unnecessary descriptions and reflections, can be considered only for search engines as a low quality. Do not skimp on the copywriters who write « for nothing » - In the future it could lead to big losses.

natural links

The algorithms of search engines is very well able to distinguish natural links: she was bought or not. To determine this moment widely used resource statistics that many parameTram define « stranded » reference. Therefore, in the future should pay attention to the natural link building.


Have you ever wondered how the realties your site is good? PRODUCTS it? Can visitors easily find the right information on it? All this is usability. This couplesametr is very important for commercial sites and portals for information. It can improve by analyzing the bounce rate, time spent by users on the site and conversions. If these figures are low then you need Activities design of your site and its content, it is possible that they are outdated or do not carry any usefulsecond information to users.

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