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Damage to the eardrum - diagnosis and treatment of

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Otolaryngologists note that damage to the eardrum —This is a common problem encountered in absolutely any age. Very often membrane perforation occurs in children, because kids tend to underestimate the danger and explore the world with the tactile sensations. Foreign bodies in the ear — the most common cause of treatment for ENT doctor. But there are congenital abnormalities and when the drum rePonca non-existent or has a significant hole. This state is very dangerous, because the barrier disappears for various kinds of infections, which in turn can lead to purulent or chronic otitis.

In most cases, damage to the eardrum passes own —If there are no complications, it grows. Sometimes needed medical manipulations. In more severe cases require special surgery — . Its aim — the prevention of infection in the middle ear, as well as the restoration of hearing. When you need only the reconstruction of the tympanic membrane, is used myringoplastya. Operations are conducted under anesthesia, do not last more than 2 hours and produce clinical benefit!

How do you know that the eardrum is damaged?

Immediately after a ruptured eardrum, there is a sharp pain. Literally pourXia tears from his eyes. If the perforation is formed as a result of a puncture a cotton swab when you remove cerumen, due to a sharp clap on the ears or creating a negative pressure, such as by kissing, may appear sukrovichnye or spotting. If the membrane is damaged as a result of infection, there may be pus recoveredeniya, in this case should be suspected purulent otitis. There may be a rise in temperature. Pain syndrome passes quickly, but the danger does not disappear. Viruses and bacteria rush in, causing otitis different character, neuritis of the auditory nerve, and even meningitis.

The severity of symptoms depends on naskolto severely damaged membrane. The victim says « draft » ear, clearly feels the pressure is too low when sneezing or blowing nose, hearing loss. Violation of the integrity of the membrane after a traumatic brain injury includes the whole complex of symptoms, including dizziness, nausea.

Diagnostics harmedtions

by palpation for the correct diagnosis is not enough. It should be instrumental examination, during which the otoscope is used (aural mirror) and a microscope. These methods allow to determine the focus of disease, the presence of pus and other potential hazards.
For a final statement DiagnosticOz is necessary to conduct a qualitative diagnosis tool. Running audiometry hearing vestibulometriya, electrocochleography.

Among the laboratory studies is not specific. The general analysis of blood will give an idea about the presence of inflammation, bakposev confirm infection.

Treatment eardrum

Drug treatment is to remove a foreign object from the cavity of the ear, treatment of the wound edges and, if necessary, install « patches & raquo ;, which is processed spray, stimulating tissue growth. When the probability of infection, FIXEDayut antibiotics.
Restoration of hearing surgically made in the case of a large perforation of the ear. Typically, surgery is performed in conjunction with sanitizers procedures.

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