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Hats for children: what they should be?

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mother that cares about the health of their own rebbeNFA buys a lot of things for children. Shoes, clothes and different hats for each season, for warm and cold weather ... But many moms tend not only to keep my child from adverse weather conditions, but also with the help of garments to raise a child aesthetic taste. In today's world, for this there is almost everything:materials that are created using modern technologies of various colors, designers are coming up with each season new and unique models, artists who create new prints and drawings. And, of course, creative craftsmen who you have the opportunity to acquire a very good header to the children directly by hand. you canon the site

Caps for adults

History of the usual children's headdress is closely related to the fact that there were adult caps and hats. Sewn and custom tailored caps could boast only the descendants of royals. Other children were content with what they got from the older bpovich and sisters, and even - from their parents. Most often, children who belonged to the lower class, tied on his head just a piece of cloth, which is called a scarf or handkerchief original. And only a couple of centuries ago there was a children's fashion, which has begun to stand out headdress. But the closer to the modern days, then the swiftShe began to develop children's fashion. And today the selection of children's hats depends on the taste and the solvency of the parents. And there are plenty to choose - caps and hats, scarves and bandanas, waistcoats and caps, hoods and « pipe » ... The material used is also amazing - wool, cotton, acrylic, and artificial fur, fabricand the skin. As decoration masters often choose embroidery and crochet, ribbons and beads, stones and rhinestones.

What should be the hat for the baby?

When selecting children's hats is still worth remembering that its attractive appearance - not the most important. Headgear child has quite greatkticheskuyu basic function - to protect from the weather. After the heat loss in children, especially small ones, are taking place through the head. This means that the cap for the winter have to be warm and comfortable, and the summer - the more it will be aired, the better. The material from which they are typically manufactured, must be natural, but not « bite » child. Caps should be easy to remove and easy to dress the children, so as not to compress the head and blood circulation. Hats, meets all these requirements and, in addition, fashionable and interesting, you can select in this section. They can be bought or even seem like your child or children of friends and acquaintances. Handmade gift Startedyou will not ever go out of fashion!

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