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Shoplifting how to prevent and how to punish?

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It's no secret that the openness and accessibility for the review of modern retail spaceok bears owners not only benefits, but also creates some difficulties. So, the issue is quite topical anti-theft committed in stores. We propose to consider the issue at Bol details.

When a theft is considered finished?

If the theft is committed in the territory of the store, completeit will be considered after successful (for criminals) to overcome the anti-theft radio frequency antenna and akustomagnitnye technology (« frame »), which are usually installed at the exit of the store. But it should be understood that it is only on the licensing of security firms. Their representatives have not in every store. Here it isof products such as that today will melt very popular.

With regard to the rights of buyers in their delay protection store, firstly, should know: to show the contents of their bags or pockets - it's only the right, but not the obligation of the buyer. If store security suspects face Sauveurshenii theft, he has the right to detain the person until the arrival of the police.

What are the police then?

With the arrival of law enforcement officials in the presence of two witnesses, a protocol on the suspected person being searched. In the event of his things, which it does not belongis, and is the property of the store, such a person is detained by law enforcement officials to address the issue of a criminal case. However, if after a search suspicions store guards will not find its actual confirmation, such person acquires the right to demand compensation for moral harm in accorance with the applicable civil law. By the way, for the actions of the guards, who operate under a contract with the enterprise security company, is responsible not store administration, and security company they represent.

So, as we see, the guard did not have the authority to review are distinctie things the buyer (the suspect) without his consent.

What is the theft?

Another, no less important point is to bring the fact of theft by the identification of a thing, which, according to the protection was kidnapped because it is logical to assume that the suspect would be any means ofRiza their involvement in committed, because no evidence any accusation groundless. How to act when detained claims that bought the thing, which is suspected of theft in a nearby store? First of all, the administration of the store (sellers, cashiers) must conduct an investigation: check barcode refers to the goods of the samethe party that they have for sale or not. Only after the establishment of the fact of belonging to a product store is possible to speak about the theft itself.

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