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Why spinal hernia recurrences occur frequently and whether they can be prevented?

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Almost the majority of cases, such diseases as haized recurrent trends. Here is the view that the disease sometimes escalates again bring suffering to many patients.

The main and common causes of recurrent herniated

When choosing any treatment directly hernia – conservative or surgeonscal, and remains a possibility that will develop a recurrence.

The doctors surveyed a considerable number of patients have come to the conclusion that the main causes of this disease have:

  • Failure to comply with the recommendations of the doctor who treats you;
  • The patient does not have a railwayElan deal with physical therapy and other rehabilitation methods;
  • In the past time, the patient goes to work and, of course, a long work, which includes the axial load on the spine negatively affect the state of the spine;
  • Violated machinery operation during theSurgery on the spine;
  • a patient's body is characterized by special features that are not turned off and the tendency to develop keloid scars.

Features of recurrence after surgical treatment

After a lot of research has been folded outputthat the development of recurrent herniated patients after surgery in the first place due to the fact that the activation of this type of process is degenerative in particular the operated spine. This process is particularly marked after the very large access during the initial operation.

much excess tissue trauma, which are near the spine and intervertebral disc is the main cause of instability in a particular part of the spine, causing repeated trauma disk. The strength factor that provokuet is even a little, that is characterized by clumsiness or adoption of a sedentaryits position in the still very early period after surgery.

The clinical picture of recurrence

Hernia relapse after conservative treatment was carried out with regard to clinical manifestations absolutely no different from the very first manifestation of the disease. First, take the pain to the attention of Sindhrum, which has the ability to become more intense, but over time this intensity becomes lower and gradually increase when there is no present treatment. Also indicate the violation of the right lower limb and pelvic organs.

When a relapse after surgeryThen usually allocate such major features as:

  • The pain became much stronger than it was during the first manifestations of the disease;
  • There is a significant worsening of neurological deficit directly, if we do a comparison with the primary protrusion;
  • The exacerbation, which occurred after the operation is shown with a much higher degree of neurological deficit;
  • The percentage of disability of patients with a hernia grows larger every day.

Today, through the efforts of ogrolot number neurosurgical hospitals and institutions is a search method that will help to reduce the frequency of recurrent right after surgery.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

The main principles of the treatment again with such intensity hernia spine do not have anything else on the principles arising protrusion stoleva. They, of course, consist of:

  • Conducting drug therapy (the use of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, certain chondroprotectors and vitamins);
  • Regular of physical therapy;
  • And also, not lessie it is important to conduct manual therapy and much more.

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