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Menstruation and everything connected with it

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By the time of the menstrual cycle, as well as on the process of puberty, isiyaet a number of reasons and conditions:

  • defective poor nutrition;
  • environmental, including climatic conditions;
  • borne diseases;
  • hereditary characteristics;
  • and the like.

What is menstruation!

In the ovaries is a painChoe number of small clusters of cells called follicles. They mature egg.

The adult girl on a monthly basis on the right or left ovary matures one follicle, which begins to gather fluid, the follicle expands, its walls are stretched until it breaks. The egg with the liquid viporskuetsya from the ovary enters the fallopian tube and begins to move to the uterus. The moment of rupture of the follicle and release of the egg it is called ovulation.


This process takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle, that is 11-14 days, counting from the first day of the end of the previousFirst menstruation. We must remember that these days most favorable for fertilization and probable (for those who want to avoid pregnancy, these days, on the contrary, the most dangerous, if not to take action).

On the site of the ruptured follicle, there is little bleeding and there is the so-called corpus luteum. Yaitsekletka same ejected from the ovary during ovulation, can be fertilized if the woman has sexual relations. It happens that at the time of ovulation, blood appears in detail about this on the website:.


fertilization, that is a fusion of female and male germ cells takes place in FallotPieve pipe on the way of the egg to the uterus. And if fertilization has occurred, the egg continues its path through the tube to the uterus, which lasts for 4-6 days. During this time, the fertilized egg consumption material, in particular glycogen, pyruvic acid, allocated Pipe secret, and thus, though gaining ground. This processcalled capacitation - a very important period of the existence of an early entry of a new life, which largely determines the further development of the fetus. Depends on the state of capacitation of the reproductive system, the activity of the secretion of the fallopian tubes and the content of the secret of its nutrients, which consumes a fertilized egg.

Inendometrium and the cyclic changes occur. Before the start of menstrual endometrium swells, it increases the secretion of glands and blood supply. The mother secret very rich in proteins and various enzymes, in the case of fertilization is also important for the fetus. At 6-8 day fertilized egg regard vnutrennega layer of the uterus - the endometrium, which is already prepared for this meeting, abundant growth of small blood vessels, and it deepens it. This point is called implantation, and it means that a pregnancy.

Death egg

If fertilization has occurred, the egg dies, the surface layermucous membrane of the uterus (the endometrium) is torn away, torn blood vessels and bleeding occurs. Then the mucous membrane is reduced, then again slowly beginning to abound, to grow, to enrich the network of capillaries and so on until the next menstrual period.

The menstrual cycle

In some cases, etc.After the first menstrual period in the life of a normal menstrual cycle is established. Much more first few menses occur through various indefinite period of time (two, three or more months). Regular type of menstrual cycle can be adjusted even during the year. And this time for girls - unusual:

  • difficult given training;
  • poor concentration at some lesson;
  • there is an alarm condition;
  • sometimes unfounded fear;
  • tired.

Often in this period nrozyabaet the abdomen, there is pain, mood changes, irritability occurs or mild depression, and others. All these changes are temporary and due to the peculiarities of the changes in hormonal status of the organism. It should be understood with the understanding and patiently taken.

If the frequency of the cycle changedstruatsy not be settled within a year if they are painful, significant blood loss or, conversely, poor, be sure to consult a doctor, the best - the children's gynecologist. Such phenomena show the underdevelopment of genitals. The most common, and painful menstruation associated with underdevelopment of certain sexual functions girl.


Among the activities menstrual disorders in adolescent girls is one of the leading places takes algomenorrhea (painful menstruation), which is mild or severe.

In the light forms algodismenoree main symptoms are a sharp pain in the lower abdomen duringmenstruation, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. In severe the disease also often complain of another girl and sharp headaches, dizziness, chills, fever, loss of consciousness. Among the reasons for the emergence and development algodismenoree:

  • mental and physical pereutostraightening;
  • presence of diseases of internal organs;
  • the presence of high infection index (frequent colds and other infectious diseases in the past).

An important role plays and interactive regulation disorder of the central, autonomic nervous and endocrine systems, the dependenceie also on the characteristics of mental health and lifestyle in the family.

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