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Blood cancer can be beaten. Leukemia Treatment

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> The treatment of people who are sick with acute leukemia need to start at the same time, when you haveWe knew about the confirmation of the diagnosis, because in the case where the therapy will otsustvovat, the disease begins to develop rapidly. This therapy is mandatory in certain hematological institution, which has the necessary experience and the necessary equipment. Accommodation, in turn, should be performed in a private room, nof no more than 2 people. Be sure in this room should be a toilet and shower. It has a huge role and ventilation, because it provides rapid removal of all microbes directly from the air. They certainly represent a hazard for people who are sick with leukemia.

is tofight chemotherapy, which is aimed at to destroy leukemia (blast) cells in the human body, which is on leukemia patients. Also this procedure is often used in a number of other methods depending on the condition of the patient.

The program of treatment of this disease involves two major steps:

  • The induction of remission . Induction therapy is the same chemotherapy, which is usually aimed at maximizing the destruction of leukemic cells of patients with Purpose and the main achievement;
  • Provedenii chemotherapy immediately after reaching remission . Chemotherapy after remission was achieved enables warned recurrence of a disease such as leukemia. At this stage, treatment is usually used different approaches: consolidation, intensification and, last but not least, a therapy which supportedAET.

Consolidation is used after will be achieved complete remission, and carried it on the same program, which are commonly used during the induction of remission.

Intensification is a much more active use of chemotherapy than during remission induction.

Maintenance therapy is hiding behind the use of chemotherapeutic drugs in doses much smallerthem when compared to the phase of induction, but over a longer period of time.

In addition to the classical methods of treatment can be vstrertit and other therapeutic approaches, that is, we are talking about high-dose chemotherapy followed by stem cell transplantation, and many others . Selecting the treatment - heby itself, this phase, which nuzhdaetsya in a very important decision that should osnovyvatsya only on accurate data that relate to the diagnosis of a particular disease. Of course, that are taken into account and the individual characteristics of the patient's rights. Discussion of the important issues of treatment with the patient, and of course he will, with his close friends - isa necessary element in order to approve a total treatment program.

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