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The doctor, in Rivne - Valentin Piontkovsky

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Valentin Piontkovskiy- head of orthopedic traumanical department Rivne Regional Hospital, an orthopedic trauma chief regional health department, PhD. In July 2014 orthopedic and trauma unit of the Rivne Regional Clinical Hospital turned another page of history - 55 years since its foundation. The path traversed by 10 bedsto the very hospital department with 89 employees - is a story created by the daily hard work of all staff, the history of the development of high-quality specialized care, continued growth and introduction of new technologies and methods of surgical treatment. Development department, the path and direction of travel alwaysmost dependent on the head of the unit. From the beginning, and still led the team - worthy leaders, qualified doctors.


In October 2010 at the head of orthopedic and trauma unit Rockley - PhD, the newly recognizedforms a collective work about nine dozen employees, but also to continuously and tirelessly puts into daily practice of advanced scientific achievements of modern orthopedics and traumatology, which help people to return as full of life.


His experience and skills ValentiMr. K. actively transfers to colleagues in different regions of Ukraine, spending during surgery. Thus, the exemplary operation of the cement total hip replacement he spent in Chernivtsi; surgery to stabilize the spine - in the hospital emergency (Kyiv), the main military hospital stoleus (Kiev), Military Medical Clinical Center of Southern region (Odessa), Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Clinical Hospital, Dnipropetrovsk DZ "SMSCH -6", Chernivtsi military hospital, emergency hospital (Chernivtsi). And this is only part of the operations that skillful hands Valentine Piontkovsky conducted throughout Ukraine.

As the head of orthopedic and trauma department, Valentin began Piontkovsky arthroscopy (modern little traumatic surgery operations on the knee and shoulder joints, performed through the puncture of the skin), operational Spine (surgery for pathologies of the spine) in the Rivne Regional Hospital, developed in the department are onboard of spine surgery as:

  • pedicle fixation (stabilization of vertebral fractures in metal structures);
  • puncture vertebroplasty cement in diseases and injuries of the spine (the introduction of a special medical solutioncement in a vertebral body is affected);
  • Stabilization of the cervical spine with anterior and posterior approaches with modern designs;
  • surgical correction of spinal deformities;
  • surgery;
  • epidural adgezioliz intervertebral discs in the pathology (injection of drugs in close proximity to the herniated disc, which reduces its size and the reduction of pain).

Under his leadership is actively developing:

  • modern maft; "> kolektiv

    The department, headed by Valentin Piontkovsky, both in professional football team, every doctor - his area of ??work, its specialty. For example:

    • doctors of higher category Malevich Yuri, Yuri Chestnut, JuriFirst Tsiplinsky and Victor Kasyanchuk specialize in osteosynthesis of complex fractures of the bones of the extremities, including maloinvazisnom osteosynthesis using modern hardware, have many methods of surgical correction of orthopedic diseases of bones and joints of the limbs.
    • Vladimir Zlatev, Sergey Goncharov Nazar Stolarski - specializes in arthroscopic surgery on the knee and shoulder joints;
    • Sergei Bondar responsible for microsurgery brush;
    • Yuri Garden responsible for ultrasound diagnosis of joints;
    • Nicholas Novak, Bogdan Mironik Sergei Pechnikov Alexander Horholyuk Yuri Nichiporuk - provide room to provide urgent assistance in the highly specialized department.

    And with it - a powerful team of professionals who stand guard human health, and its captainskom bridge - a medical premium Valentin K. Piontkovsky. Constant study of the latest achievements of world medicine, a thorough scientific training and extensive practical experience - all of which help to Valentine Piontkovsky successfully develop orthopedic and trauma unit Rockley, as the real center of medical innovation, introductionand use them in daily practice helps patients fully move, live and enjoy life.

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