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What is neurosurgery?

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Neurosurgery is a particular section of surgery that uses and develops methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and, of course, damage the nervous system through the operations. Neurosurgery still quite closely related to  neurophysiology, nuclear medicine, radiology and other fields in medicine. If you want to go to Germany for treatment, we will help you with this site: .


What do neurosurgery?

the Neurosurgeons operative methods in treatment of diseases and injuries of the nervous system, they are widely used x-ray methods (e.g., computed tomography) radionuclide, ultrasound, MRI of the brain or spinal cord, echoencephalography, radiography of the spine, angiography. Using these methods to diagnose a good doctor can with great accuracy to establish the diagnosis and to assign adequate treatment of disease and, of course, damage the nervous system. A significant role in the development of this area plays microsurgery and  developments in this area. Newest techniques allow to make complex operations without using General anesthesia on the spine and the areas of the brain.


the main neurosurgical topics include:

  • Psychosurgery
  • the
  • neuro Oncology;
  • the
  • Functional neurosurgery
  • the
  • neuro traumatology;
  • the
  • neurosurgery
  • the
  • Surgery of the peripheral nervous system.

 What diseases can be treated neurosurgeon

Neurosurgeon - a doctor who carries out diagnostics and treatment of patients with acute injuries of the nervous system that require surgical intervention. A neurosurgeon can treat congenital disorders in the development of the skull and brain, various diseases of the spine that are caused by neurological syndromes (including herniated discs), diseases in children  spinal cord and brain, syndromes that may occur after developmental disorders of the cerebral vessels and meninges, different violations of cerebral circulation, which can fix surgical treatment, oncological diseases, peripheral and Central pain syndrome, different of traumatic brain injury.

to Contact the neurosurgeons should be and when  intervertebral hernias, which can occur, with symptoms such as numbness of toes, hands, pain in my leg and arm, blood pressure fluctuations, frequent lower back pain and hernia in the thoracic region. To this guide and specialist in traumatic brain injuries, which can cause nausea, loss of consciousness, dizziness, tinnitus, poor perception, impaired coordination, headaches. Neurosurgical operation is assigned with different injuries of peripheral nerves, damage of Central nervous system infections of the nervous system,  benign and malignant tumors in the brain and spinal cord, disease of the spine, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, apoplexy.

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